Forget Unemployment; Embrace Digital Nomadism to live your dream life.

Disclaimer: This post is not for everyone!
Knowledge is power is a very old catchphrase that is becoming truer in this digital era. In fact, most people call this era, the knowledge economy.
Pay close attention to what I have to say.
As society rapidly advances, if you do not regularly update your knowledge, you will soon become irrelevant.
A few decades ago, the mini-computer revolution started.
Many companies neglected it because they taught they were too huge to fail. One of such company was IBM, which was then the largest business machine company in the world.
IBM had the chance to hire Bill Gates and buy his new company Microsoft, but they failed to see the significance of the computer.
Instead, they offered Bill Gates a contract to develop software for their systems.
Before they knew it, Microsoft became a multi-billion dollar company and soon overtook IBM. Bill Gates himself, became the richest man in the world for over 25 years, and still is.
Then came the internet in the late 80’s and 90’s.
Again many companies neglected it. Jeff Bezos saw the astronomical rise of the internet and safely predicted that most traditional brick and mortar shops will soon become irrelevant.
He left his secure job on wall street to open an online book shop called Amazon and became like a joke.

“Imagine leaving a wall street job to sell ordinary books online! Who is gonna trust this madman!”

Well, Jeff Bezos lost money for over 5 years, but the internet kept growing and he stuck with his idea.
In fact, he expanded and began selling everything.
Progress is inevitable and it wasn’t long before people started embracing e-commerce.
Before Woolworth and other giant retailers knew what was happening, Amazon has cannibalized their sales and many of them went bankrupt.
Again Jeff Bezos became the richest man in 2017 to 2018 with a staggering wealth of over 100 billion dollars (he only recently lost that title to Bill Gates, due to divorce settlements with his ex-wife).
Amazon itself is now the biggest retailer in the world and became one of three companies to have attained an incredible mind-boggling ONE TRILLION dollars in value (the other two are Microsoft and Apple).
Are you seeing the trend here?

…New technology emerges, old guards ignore it while Young Turks embrace it and destroy the old guards…

This disruption is happening everywhere very fast, and I can give you over a hundred examples right now like the emerging cryptocurrency that created multi-millionaires overnight, 3d printing, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, green energy, just to mention a few areas.
The advantage of this rapid advancement thus belongs to those who keep advancing their knowledge in order to remain relevant and move along with the tide.

To keep using a typewriter because you refuse to learn the computer, will not make the world to wait for you. You will simply become as extinct as the dinosaur because progress is inevitable.

Do you realize that this is happening even in the workplace today?
Have you noticed that what they teach you in school is no longer sufficient to land you a good job after graduation?
Many young people are still trapped in the old mentality of “graduate from school and look for work”, while smart young people easily create jobs today with their knowledge.
There are many skills that are in high demand today in this knowledge economy, but you will not find it in the majority of our school curriculum.
I am yet to see a University in Nigeria that offers a course in blockchain technology, e-commerce, and digital marketing management, Tech startups and IPO’s, artificial intelligence, bot programming, etc.
While you are still looking for a job, do you know that many young people all over the world, now work from their home as individual contractors, providing essential services to companies and living their dream life?
This new trend is known as digital nomadism and is championed by Virtual Assistants and BPO service providers.
Technology has made it possible for companies to hire talent from anywhere in the world without hiring permanent staff and bearing the burden of providing all the obligated benefits associated with labor laws.
This trend means that some people will lose their work as permanent staff, while others will gain these jobs as contract and independent staff working from remote locations.
If you do not have a good job today, or you have some free time and need extra income, why not think of working as a Virtual Assistant and provide services to companies all over the world?
If you will like to learn more about Business Process Outsourcing and working as a Virtual Assistant, I invite you to join our Academy for a free seminar on learning Virtual Assistant in 60 days.
I will talk more about this trend in subsequent posts, but remember, knowledge is power, so never stop learning!
Engr Emma Okoro