You Can’t Go Back and Change the Beginning, But You Can Start Where You Are, And Change The Ending

So we have made it to the last quarter of the year 2020!

If it were in Bible days, they would have recorded something like…

And so it happened that in the year when King Trump son of Frederick reigned over the west, there came a pestilence that swept from the land of the dragon. And the pestilence had no cure and inflicted much death and hunger on the people

And God sent forth a lying tongue in the mouth of many prophets, except his servant…

Lols…But seriously, this year will make for a very good story.

In all my life, I can safely say that I have never witnessed a year like this! I mean when was the last time, that nearly the entire world shut down for months!

It will be an understatement to say that everyone was affected in one way or another.

But I am here today to congratulate you.

No matter how tough the battle you’re fighting, what matters most, is that you survived.

My father use to tell me stories of the civil war.

He said that one interesting thing that happens in war camps, was that despite the regular bloody skirmishes they get involved in, once a battle is over, they will relax and start telling stories as though it was just a regular day!

They do not seem to worry too much about the next battle.

He said that some of them may tie an “amulet” or carry something that has a significance to them, like something their mother, father or wife gave them.

It is not as if, what they carry is diabolical, but they just look for something to pin their faith on.

However, with time, some of them attach extreme importance to whatever they are carrying.

For instance, he told a story of his friend that use to carry a small gift from his mum.
His friend believed that as long as he carried that gift, the “spirit of his mother” will protect him.

One faithful day after a very intense battle, his friend lost that gift.

On getting back to camp, his friend was distressed and kept lamenting;

“Atubogu-Egwu-Okoro-aluo-nke-ya, Anwuo muoo!”

“Atubogu-Egwu-Okoro-aluo-nke-ya” was a rather long title, that my Dad got from childhood, and means “he who never backs down from a fight.”

Literally, his friend was telling my father, that he is finished.

My father tried encouraging him to no avail.

He pointed out to him, that they just survived a very bloody battle in the war front, and that the next mission was rather an easy one.

But his friend was inconsolable…

So the next day, after a good rest, their platoon was sent on a routine reconnaissance mission.

Everything went well, since the area was not yet occupied.

But on their way back, a random shooter fired at their platoon from afar…

…To my father’s utter disbelief and shock, only his friend was hit and he died on the spot!!!

Belief is a powerful thing

So I have a great message for you today…

What you strongly believe in, usually comes to pass.

I know that this year is definitely not working as you planned, but refuse to believe that you are defeated.

No matter how devastated your condition or your business, believe that there is always another way.

Believe that when one door closes, another will surely open.

Believe that your journey will not end today, and that your future is still very bright.

Believe in yourself, not in amulets, not in objects, not in people. Because every one of them can fail you, but you will never fail, until you fail yourself.

And finally my friends…

Start from where you are today and push forward.

Don’t lament, don’t give excuses, just get up and go.

Whatever your hand finds to start doing, put your heart in it, and do it well.

There is no shame in righteous hustle and there is no failure, only lessons.

And with this my rather long epistle,
I welcome you to the beautiful month of September.

Welcome to the last quarter of the year!
It will be your best season yet

Happy New Month!

Engr Emma Okoro
Millionaires Academy

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