The Weaver bird and the “Okri” – A tale of two birds

I wonder if you know this interesting story of the weaver bird and the “okri”, am assuming you were born in the era when parents no longer have time for bedtime stories…Lols.

Chaii!!! How things have changed. PS Games and social media have taken the place of quality family time.

Anyway, let me just tell you this interesting story, and hope you will learn the lesson that our forefathers passed down via bedtime stories; lessons which are now been replaced by Nollywood and Hollywood, and their questionable intents!

So, a long time ago in the land of the animals, “Acha” and “Okri” went to learn how to make their nest from an elderly bird. The “Okri” is an Igbo name for one bird that normally sings every morning. Sorry, I don’t know the English name or if it even has one, but if you do, kindly comment below. Acha is the Igbo name for weaver bird.

So the elderly bird informed them that the lesson will last for one year and they both agreed.

In the first week, the elderly bird began by teaching them how to gather sticks in readiness for making the nest. While they were gathering sticks, the “okri” a very restless bird, kept looking at other birds making their nest and saw how they placed the stick and started dressing it with fine grasses and soft materials.

After seven days, “Okri” went back to the older bird and said,

“Master, I have actually learned the whole trick of making nests, I saw how the other birds were making their nest, I think I can make mine now”.

The older bird asked him not to go, but to have patience for the next 12 months. “Okri” was angry and retorted,

“So you want to keep me and Acha here for one whole year! Ok, now I know your plans, you want us to work for you for an entire year, just to teach us how to make this simple nest!”

“No way! I am going, “Acha” come let us go.

“Okri, I think you should listen to our master, let us have patience for this one year, after all, we won’t come back ever again after mastering this craft”.

But “Okri” was adamant and flew away.

So the weaver bird continued for the next 12 months to learn the art of making nests.

After a year, the older bird was satisfied and allowed the weaver bird to go.

A few years later, Acha went to visit Okri with lots of her children. By now, her family was very large and she expected that okri will have an equally large family.

Surprisingly, when she arrived with her large family, Acha was surprised to see that Okri had only one kid.

“Hello Okri, how are you? Were are your other children?”

“Oh! My friend, this is the only kid I’ve got” replied Okri, “and I am afraid I may lose him this rainy season.  I should have listened to you and master.

I was too impatient to master the details of making a good nest, now, every season after making my nest and laying eggs, the slightest rain or wind will blow it down and I would lose all my eggs.

“Even when the eggs hatch, the nest do not protect them very well from the weather, I fear this little kid of mine, will not survive this cold.”

“Alas, I have made a very terrible mistake!”

So concluded Mr. Okoro, (My dad was a good storyteller, and then my maternal grandmother was just the best )

“This is why the weaver bird is everywhere in large numbers, because they make the best nest in the world, while the okri is going into decline because they make the worst nest in the world!”

Of course, this is just a story, but our forefathers use such simple stories to pass valuable lessons down through generations.

If you understand the moral of this story, it will prove invaluable to you.

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