Market more by turning Features into Benefits

One of the mistakes we make in marketing our product is to focus on the features of the product, instead of explaining the benefits.

Because we understand our product so well, we assume that others also understand it.

This was a problem for me when I sold laptops years ago. I will start by telling my clients about the many features of my laptop.

“..this is a Pentium 4 laptop with 1200megahertz processor and it can even support a 64-bit Ms windows XP. The ram is expandable to 1gb and you’re getting a shiny screen 14.1 display as well…

I will just go on and on like that, because I understand and love these features, but then I failed to realize that my clients are not that technologically inclined.

They just want a laptop to do XYZ and don’t care about the 64-bit technology unless I could explain exactly what benefit that 64 bit will give them.

With experience and training, I finally understood, and learned how to convert each feature into a benefit, and communicate it in a way that made sense to my clients.

Then I found out what they really cared for.

I was amused that some of them would buy my lower configured laptops with lower specs, at a higher price, simply because it was more beautiful, or it was made by a company they loved (Like HP), or it has a more pleasing screensaver!

Humans are emotional creatures, and if you think we buy things rationally, then you have made a very big mistake.

We don’t really buy Iphone8+ because it is better than iPhone 6 or because it has a 2.3GHz hexacore processor speed… far from it… We spend N250,000 to buy this phone simply as a status symbol. Apple knows this, and their marketing does not emphasize on the hexacore technology (which we don’t understand anyway..LOL), instead, focus on our emotions.
How slim and sexy the phone looks and other benefits.

So how do you convert a benefit into a feature?

Ask the question, SO WHAT?

The “So what?” trick works in any industry:


The laptop hinges are made from chrome steel. So what? They won’t break no matter how rough you use the laptop.

We actively monitor your web uptime. So what? Your website won’t go down so your clients will continue to patronize you 24/7.

Real benefits connect to your customer’s desires, such as saving time; reducing costs; making more money; becoming happier, healthier, more relaxed, or more productive.

Focus on showing prospects the end result of what the product can do, not the process unless you are talking to the few rational beings out there…LOLs

Happy Marketing
Engr Emma Okoro
Millionaires Academy

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