4 Things Your Business Must Do, to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Market

‘‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’’

Charles Dickens, a tale of two cities.

These words ring extremely true when it comes to promoting your business in today’s digital age.

On one hand, we have lots of powerful technology and platforms for getting our business out there, at the same time, thousands of businesses are also competing for the attention of your business prospects.

This indeed is the best of times and the worst of times, because, with the right strategies, your business could explode overnight, yet if not done ABSOLUTELY right, your voice may be drowned out, and your business will never find its footing.

This is the great dilemma facing entrepreneurs today, and in my years of experience, here are 4 things your business must do now, to stand a chance of success.

 1. Your business must satisfy a want or need

Human beings have some basic needs like food, shelter, safety, and clothing. Successful businesses find a way to tap into those needs, when possible, to create the desire to purchase their products.

Even in tough economic times, there are always opportunities for people willing to satisfy these needs or position their business as a solution to some basic human needs. Also remember that as people satisfy one basic need, they move to a higher need.

This is why people will not seek for knowledge when they are hungry because hunger is a basic need lower than education. (Although extremely successful people will choose a higher need before a lower need like hunger, this is not our concern for now).

2. Your business must be unique

In all our business courses, I keep hammering on branding, because that is the only thing that can set your business apart from the sea of “me too” products and services out there.

People must be able to understand exactly why they must buy your product or service instead of another.

You have to be able to highlight what is unique in you, what is special, better, easier, brighter, tastier, smarter, harder working, most innovative, or best qualified. And just embodying those unique qualities is not sufficient; they must be clearly apparent and your target market must be cognizant of what you offer and what sets you apart from your competitors.

For the businesses I consult for, they know EXACTLY what I bring to the table, my 18 years of deep experience in entrepreneurship, an acute insight into what makes a business succeed or fail, backed up with hundreds of businesses I have helped to succeed.

These are the reasons my calendars are fully booked, and unless you have such unique qualities in your businesses, and your clients know about it, you will have difficulty getting the attention of your customers.

3. Your business must produce a quality product and world-class service

You can boast all you want, but in the end, you’d better live up to what you claim, or people will eventually figure you out.

So identify what you are (or can be) amazing at doing, commit yourself to deliver it, and then keep getting better. Your expertise will eventually speak for you.

4. Your business must be HIGHLY visible

A popular biblical passage urges people not to hide their light under a bushel. Just as failing to promote the unique qualities of a product can spell doom for sales, the same holds true for promoting your individual talents.

So—carefully consider your target market. What do they watch? What do they read? Where do they congregate, re-create, and dine? Be sure that you are where they are, and that you are seen the way you need to be seen.

This is why the first section in our Complete Digital Marketing Masterclass, is focused on Target marketing, Market Survey, Customer Avatar and more.

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